3 Easy Steps To Supporting The Miss World 2015 Caribbean Delegates

By Desi Brown

They say that pageantry is one of the greatest forms to promote an island and display some aspects of its cultural space. It’s not a myth. It is fact. The Miss World 2015 pageant will be the 65th edition when it opens the curtains at Crown of Beauty Theatre in Sanya, China PR on December 19th 2015 for the 121 contestants that have been confirmed. As the promotional videos circulate ahead of the month long intensive preparations the delegates will collectively experience on their journey to the crown, we’re all eyes and ears for our Caribbean beauties. Nothing excites me more than an opportunity to share our explosive and diverse cultural heritage on the world stage.

Here are the three easy steps you can follow to show your support for our Miss World Caribbean Queens.

  1. Know the Miss World 2015 Caribbean Ambassadors competing. Each Country’s link will take you to the Miss World 2015 contestant’s page where you will find a Biography and answers to personal questions.
  1. Follow their journey on their respective Facebook & Twitter pages.
  2. Finally, cast your vote on Beauties Concepts. You may vote up to five times per day. Let’s rally behind our girls as they so bravely represent our region while they vie for this most prestigious title.

Only nine Caribbean delegates managed to cop the Miss World title but many have gotten as far as the Top 15.

Past Caribbean Miss World Winners


1979 – Gina Swaison

Dominican Republic:

1982 – Mariasela Alvarez


1970 – Jennifer Hosten


1963 – Carole Joan Crawford

1973 – Patsy Yuen

1976  – Cindy Breakspeare

1993 – Lisa Hanna

Puerto Rico:

1975 – Wilnelia Merced

Trinidad & Tobago: 

1986 – Giselle Laronde


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