Soca from Way Back When

By Desi Brown

I was recently asked to do choreography for an Opening Number for Rex Nettleford Hall (UWI, Mona) Uber Fashion show dubbed ‘Retro Caribbean’. The song that was selected was Faluma by Alison Hinds. I had an immediate Soca rush! I felt that one all through my veins and I thought “WOW! Some Soca songs just never get old”. So, I thought, why not share my favourite old school Soca songs and help to jump start your weekend? Add them to your playlist. I promise you’ll thank me later.

  1. Burning Flames – Workey Workey
  2. Square One – Aye Aye Aye
  3. Krosfyah – Pump Me Up
  4. Kevin Little ft Alison Hinds- Turn Me On
  5. Xtatik- Footsteps
  6. Super P – Curry
  7. Alison Hinds – Faluma
  8. Rupee – Tempted To Touch
  9. Destra – Bonnie & Clyde
  10. Byron Lee & The Drangonaires – Dollar Wine
  11. Destra – It’s Carnival
  12. Arrow – Hot Hot Hot
  13. Krosfyah – Sweatin (She Body In Control)
  14. WCK – Balance Batty
  15. Atlantik – All Aboard
  16. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Walk & Wine (Congo Line)
  17. Machel Montano – Big Truck
  18. Rupee – What Happens In De Party
  19. Square One featuring Alison Hinds – Iron Barzodee
  20. Shurwayne Winchester – Dead or Alive
  21. Claudette Peters – Something Got A Hold On Me
  22. Square One – Turn It Around
  23. Byron Lee & The Dragonaires – Tiney Winey
  24. Arrow – Long Time
  25. Crazy – Nani Wine (1989)
  26. Osha – The Stamp
  27. Byron Lee – Swinging Engine
  28. Super P – Everybody Peepin
  29. TC – Who The Hell Is Kim
  30. Burning Flames – If Yuh Get What Yuh Want

This list can go on and on! Don’t see your favourite? Tell me what’s your favourite old school Soca songs! Love Soca? Share with your friends!


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