Spotlight on ULTRA CARNIVAL by Ozelle & Natasha

It all started with outstanding social media marketing when ‪#‎Ultra promoted its ‪#‎UltraCulture hastags‬ which helped to create high waves of excitement for the newly founded mas experience for St. Kitts & Nevis National Carnival SugarMas44‬.

ULTRA Carnival branded itself as an “intimate and unforgettable first class all-inclusive mas experience that features impeccable service and glamorous high fashion costumes.” Before you knew it, ESCAPE was sold out before December and on Grand Parade Day saw a total of 180 mas players. It wasn’t just something new. #UltraCulture fit the taste of so many and is today commended for developing a brand that helped to bring many NEW mas players on the road for #SugarMas44

It was definitely ‪#‎UltraMadness‬ as the beautifully designed costumes and gorgeous mas players touched the road exhibiting everything #UltraCulture. It was fun and plenty fashion!

This new mas experience may have drawn from many different experiences in the region but what made it truly different was the strong influence of the owners’ own unique styles and expertise. A collective approach that may have helped to define itself within space and time.

We look forward to hearing more about #Ultra innovations and well organized mas experiences. Keep up the excellent work!

Photos by B’jon Lamari Bass & QuiteVivid Multimedia Inc


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