Caribbean Fishing & Fishermen

“Fishermen occupy a unique position in modern Caribbean social structure. ” – Richard Price, Harvard University

There is a great value of fish in the Caribbean which is obvious in the presence of fishing industries in every island. Although limited in resources to develop a large scale fishing industry, Caribbean fishing allows for the enjoyment of varying styles of cuisines that incorporates fish as a delicacy. Trawling Lining, Seining, Fillet gill nets as well as fish pots and reels are techniques used in fish catching. The method chosen is dependent on the type and size of fish to be caught. Fishing is a year round activity that directly employs thousands of people. In the Caribbean, fish is may be processed by salting, smoking or coating (known as fresh fish) often if there is a delay between the time caught and consumed/sold.

There is historically evidence of how their specialised way of life came into being to the present. Caribbean fishing slaves – at first Amerindians and then Africans – were from the beginning a privileged subgroup within the plantation system, and their unusual socio-economic role permitted a smooth transition to a life of a free fishermen.


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