Kulcha Blog is a digital scrapbook on the culture and the creative arts of the English speaking Caribbean.

The Caribbean is considered as one of the most historical and culturally interesting regions in the world as its cultural traditions and creative arts have many different religious or ethnic roots resulting from its history in colonial imperialism. As a result, the plural society has been able to produce culturally unique and intriguing people as well as art.

Today, the intensity of Caribbean history and its contemporary cultural art are fascinating to many visitors and those who have experienced it directly through presentations by performing arts groups or visual artists travelling to share their work. However, these showcase opportunities are few and there is a lack of literature on the cultural traditions and creative arts of this region on the internet.

With the changing geopolitical landscape, it is important that as developing countries, different options are explored to generate revenue. Creative industries have become a new engine of growth and development in the world economy. This dynamic sector, which ranges from traditional arts to multimedia, has been an important driver of innovation and productivity growth. Thus, it is believed that the creative industries can become a pillar for economic diversification and export growth. It is a potential gold mine.

Through articles, infrograpics and visual content, Kulcha Blog will highlight the aforementioned potential and encourage action to advance caribbean culture as an industry. It will also serve as an online identity for the work of Caribbean artists, cultural practitioners and the average individuals opinion on the industries as well as to share events, places and the people entangled in Caribbean culture.


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